Team NoRi Seminar

Team NoRi Seminar

The Team NORi Coaches are ecstatic to come to TSS Houston to host our very first seminar!

We will have a two-part seminar with the first portion going over a classroom format encompassing:

a) New athlete intake process

b) Programming philosophy and the training model for constructing a training block and assessment of athlete performance

c) Emerging strategies and individualization of programming considerations based on the athlete's background, schedule, and context of training history

The second part of the seminar after the lunch break will be a Sumo Deadlift-focused workshop going over:

a) Programming considerations for the Deadlift

b) Fundamentals of the Sumo Deadlift technique

c) Addressing common mistakes in the Sumo Deadlift and solutions

This portion will give attendees the opportunity to participate hands-on by volunteering to demonstrate any technical issues for the coaches to address.

Afterwards, we will provide attendees the opportunity to engage in a Q&A portion to conclude the seminar.